What is the Most Important Muscle In the Body?

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After getting all the silly answers off the men I would hope people would say either the brain or the heart.  I personally believe the most important muscle in our bodies is the brain because it integrates into every system and is ‘neglected’ so much by us all.

We expect so much from ourselves and out of life these days and our brain can be the key muscle which will decide our fate – success or failure, happy or sad.  Our brains are very powerful and not well understood and I personally believe some people are in the habit of thinking too much about things – especially the negative – you are (and you become) what you think about all day.

Some people exercise their hearts and keep fit.  But very few people exercise their brains.

Why is it then? – If we all agree that the brain is such an important muscle, but yet few of us choose to exercise it.  Are we too busy, lazy, don’t see it as important, I’m not really sure to be honest.

However, I know that to achieve anything in life you need self discipline, willpower and motivation – all these qualities come from having a strong mind.  I believe that some kind of mental training is essential to keep you balanced and healthy.

Strengthen your mind with meditation and relaxation techniques; get a book, cd or a dvd to help you learn the basics.  Keeping a positive attitude and positive energy is something which improves with practice.

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