Want to Cut Out the Harmful Chemicals in Your Body?

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The Benefits of Detox ..

I have dedicated a substantial part of my life as a personal trainer researching and trying to find the best weight loss methods, the best exercises and the best ways to treat your body. Recently I have delved into the body of research surrounding ‘Detox’, my findings have lead me to believe that every person should go through a period of ‘detoxification’. Most herbal doctors and health practitioners actually recommend a detox at least once a year.

So why do you need to detox?

If you are excessively tired all the time, are sluggish, have slow or difficult bowel movements, or have cloudy thinking and memory problems, a detox plan can help you get your body back on track. I would also recommend that if you are planning to start a diet that you let your body undergo 7-14 days of detoxing, this will give your body a jump start on the road to successful weight loss.

Although detoxification is ongoing in the body, toxins and stress prevent us from doing it optimally, which can eventually affect other systems in the body. A detox diet allows our bodies to focus on self-healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, clear headaches, remove bloating, improve concentration and mood, avoid getting allergies, regain our natural ability to ward off colds and flu, and prevent premature ageing and disease. I’m sure you already kind of know about all this “toxic stuff” is out there in the world, but maybe you like me have never really given it much thought, until now. I shall begin to explain to you how and why toxic overload is causing so many of our friends and families ill health and emotional problems.

I don’t want to stand here (sit) and worry you that everything we put in our body contains poisonous toxins, but I am here to warn you about the potential dangers that excessive levels of toxins can have to the body.

Everyday products such as Coffee – Alcohol – Fizzy drinks (especially diet) – Dairy – High Animal Protein Diet – Sugar – Processed foods – Microwave Foods (especially in plastic) -Hydrogenated Fats & Trans fats – Pesticides/Fertilisers – Tap Water – Beauty products, shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, deodorant contain levels of toxins, so an effort to minimilise the intake of some of these products, or find a more healthy alternative is recommended. In a general sense unnatural toxins reduce the Oxygen in your blood and cause stress hormones to be released.

So there is my first instalment of advice regarding the dangers of toxins and the reasoning behind a detox programme. Check out my next blog which will explain more about toxins, how to cut them out of your body along with an in depth look on ‘How to Detox’.

So for now, maybe have a think about some of the things that you eat, drink etc. On the back of certain products that you purchase say what sort of things go into making them, it could be helpful to have a look. It is near impossible to escape from all of the harmful toxins in the world, there are toxins in the very air that we breathe. So a body detox can help to flush all of the harmful chemicals in your body.

Committed to Your Health and Vitality,

Andrew K