The Power of ‘Why’ Is The Secret To Your Success!

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How bad do you want it?

What does it mean to you?

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

Willpower is all well and good but ‘why’ power is significantly more powerful.
As I have mentioned in previous posts and blogs if you have a strong enough ‘why’ the ‘how’ will sort its self out! We generally have a tendency to get hung up on the how and end up doing nothing!

So if we use the example, your Doctor tells you that if you don’t improve your diet, get on a regular exercise routine and learn to distress from the daily rigours of your life you could be shortening your lifespan by fifteen years. That is indeed a very strong ‘why’ . We don’t particularly want to make a date with the grim reaper before we have to! the ‘how’ is a minor detail, you find it!

I am very fortunate in working with an extremely broad spectrum of individuals with a vast array of ‘whys’. I have discovered from years of coaching the highest of the successful achievers are the individuals who have a strong why and they are truly passionate about why they want to achieve the desired goal for whatever reason it is.

When I carry out consults with prospective clients I always ask why do you want to achieve this? What’s the motivation behind it all? In some cases they don’t know why, so together we look at the reasons then develop the why. We get a clear understanding and create some momentum and passion. It’s my job to take care of the how. With my knowledge and experience we create a workable, achievable plan which is constantly being reviewed to achieve impact, and aided by my support along the way, success.

WHY + Workable Plan + Accountability = Success!

This is just one aspect of my ‘Holistic Integrated Training System’ (HITS), which helps individuals from all walks of life with a multitude of goals and aspirations. The goal of ‘HITS’ or ethos is the following:
‘To become an outstanding version of yourself with energy, vitality and living a truly passionate life to the fullest’.

Helping individuals in this way is my passion and motivation, my why.

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