The How and Why Junk food is so Addictive.

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So how does the processed food, oops Junk food industry make their food,  (If you can call it food!) so addictive?

The three key ingredients are:

  • Sugar
  •  Salt  
  • Fat

These are the top three ingredients that when used in the right measure make the processed food so addictive. 

Food manufactures actually go out of their way to get you hooked on foods that are cheap to make and maximise their profit.

In research over the past few years sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine.  The dose of sugar in processedmanufactured foods is carefully measured to hit your  ”bliss point”, thus making you crave more.

The rise in diabetes across the western world and beyond can be directly correlated to the increased consumption of processed food.

The Solution:

Anybody who knows how I coach will know I am the 90/10 man.  Be good for 90% of the time and for the other 10%….  the 90% will take care of the 10%!

So, to clarify a minimum of 90% of your diet should consist of clean wholesome nutrient packed fresh food and 10% no more, can be for the bad stuff.  If you follow this ratio your body should be forgiving enough to cope with the 10% of processed junk.

What normally happens with this ratio is it ends up being 99% good, 1% bad.  Reason being you enjoy the fulfilment of good clean food and how alive it makes you feel, energised for the day ahead, compared to the stodgy, stale processed food and that feeling of lethargy, not to mention what it is doing to your insides.