Body Transformation
Body Transformation is about turning who we are on the outside into the person we are on the inside. Successful body transformation requires incisive route cause analysis to understand why we often have a big disconnect between our vision for ourselves and where we are now. Each body transformation programme is therefore tailored especially for the individual.

Returning to Fitness
Returning to fitness is for people who used to be more active and want to return to activity or get themselves back to fitness. People’s reasons for doing less exercise than they used to are varied; whether its time constraints, injury or other change of circumstances it often needs something special to bring back the spark of motivation and something new (rather than that same old tired routine).

Strength and Conditioning
Strength and ConditioningThe Strength and Conditioning programme incorporates the key components of power, endurance, agility and flexibility/mobility. The programme is geared towards understanding why we lift weights and how to optimise your workout for a greater outcome.

Advanced Strength and Conditioning Techniques
Advanced Strength and ConditioningAfter the huge success of my Strength and Conditioning Programme I was asked to help many of my clients with taking them to the next level for their own personal strength and conditioning. This is ideal for people who already have a strong understanding and an established fitness routine but want to break that glass ceiling.

Sport performance
Sport PerformanceSports science has moved on immensely over the last few years meaning that many of the fundamental techniques used by some of the best known sports people were unheard of a few years ago. My sports performance programmes are about training to win.

Beach Body Programme
Beach Body ProgrammeA beach body doesn’t just come from exercising and eating well. Unfortunately there is no hiding the beach body, so aside from overall body transformation the Beach Body Programme includes proven techniques that target our perceived ‘problem areas’.