Picture The Perfect Diet

In Dietby Jeremy Katz

I discovered a fantastic technique to help clients achieve their healthy eating goals. This technique is simple but seems to have the desired effect with regard to keeping individuals on track.

As with traditional diet tools like diet diary’s for example, become lets say a little creative with what they write down thus not giving an accurate account of their diets.

The picture diet takes care of this, all you do is a take a picture of your meal before you eat. Most mobile phones have a camera so this is a convenient way to account for your daily eating habits. I am using this simple technique with several clients and it is working really well.

The reason for its success is that the picture does not lie! It shows the amount and what you are eating. I don’t know about you but if I were to keep a picture diary of my daily eating habits I am going to want those pictures to be at the leading edge of good nutritious, health giving food. I want my meals to make the perfect picture!

This very principle seems to have rubbed off,  individuals using it have greatly increased adherence to following a ‘healthy eating plan’.

Give it a go and see how you get on!