Over 25% of 2012 is gone!

In Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Psychologyby andrewkpt

Here we are over 25% of the year has gone we are over a quarter of our way through 2012.

So it means we must take a look at our goals, intentions and New Year resolutions we made early in the New Year. How are you doing? Are you fulfilling your goals and have you kept to your New Year’s resolutions that you had a burning desire to achieve? If you are close to achieving them or are well on your way congratulations and well done!

If not all is not lost now is the time to regroup and clarify what it is you want to achieve in 2012. Your circumstances may have changed since early January and a rewrite is needed. Make a list of your goals and intentions for 2012 and then list the reasons why you want to achieve them this will compound your desire to achieve those goals.

Don’t let yourself get to the 50% point of the year and not achieved or achieving anything.

If you are not careful 2012 will be up and it will be 2013 and you will be asking yourself what happened to 2012?

Take action right now whatever your goals are, by taking action you are moving towards your goals and aspirations while doing this you become like a living magnet creating momentum to succeed in your achievement.

So my question to you is what is it going to be?

‘Procrastination is the thief of time’. ¬† ¬†Anon.

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