One Goal At A Time!

In Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Psychologyby Jeremy Katz

January is here, you have either made a mental note or the more successful write all of their goals and intentions for the coming year down. You are extremely enthusiastic, this is the year that beats all others!

I have a very simple technique that will increase your chances of success in attaining your goals this year. The beauty is in its simplicity. Just work with one goal at a time, whatever that goal is, it could be a behavioural change, improve your diet and/or exercise more each week. Working on one goal at a time you have a 85% chance of succeeding two goals at once and this drops to a 35% chance of success trying to achieve three goals at once well, it can drop to zero in your chance of achieving those goals.

So if your goal is to train two more times a week start with one extra session a week for two to three weeks, then add an extra session after this time. Then if your goal is to clean up your diet incorporate this after you have those extra sessions in place. What you have done is ingrained the new habit, once this has been accomplished you move onto the next one. Trying to change everything in one go heavily dilutes your chances of achievement. If you have a list of five habit-forming goals you want to achieve in the New Year within ten weeks you have created a snowball effect in  achieving success one goal at a time.  

So for example if you wanted to do the following:

  • Do one extra high intensity interval training session a week.
  • Do one extra strength and conditioning session a week.
  • Get thirty minutes extra sleep a night to achieve the above.
  • Clean up your diet.
  • Drop a dress size.

So in ten weeks or so – you’re getting up earlier – never missing a workout, you are consistently doing your extra workouts, and eaten breakfast everyday (which is a key factor in fat loss) while consuming fewer calories overall. These goals would “snowball” into a bigger overall effect with long-term success whereas trying to do all things at once would likely result in short-term failure.

Go on give it a go you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Wishing you every success to your goals and intentions this year, that if you desire it this could potentially be the most amazing year of your life!