My Holiday Routine.

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Hi Everyone,

This is it, this is my Holiday Routine I will be using while away in the sunshine. The criteria for my routine is as follows:

  • High intensity
  • No more than 20 minutes in length (including Warm up & cool down)
  • Challenging
  • Fun
  • A complete body workout

So here we go some of you will smile when you read off the exercises as you know them only too well!

  • Warm up to include mobilisation and a dynamic stretch

The following circuit will be completed four times with 45-60 seconds recovery between each  one.

  1. Squat with heel and arm raise (explosive tempo)    12 repetitions 
  2. Supine Pull Up Row                                                  12        “
  3. Spiderman Push Up with Burpees                           12        “
  4. Alternate Lunge Jump                                               12        “
  5. X Mountain Climbers                                                 20        “
  6. Plank (up/down)                                                        20        “
  • Cool down/Stretch

The routine will be done on alternate days (I am on holiday), it will be done first thing in the morning before breakfast, as well as swimming and playing various sports on the beach each day.

If you are not sure about any of the exercises I will be only too happy too go through them with you in the gym.

Go on give it a go while I am away!

Yours always in health & fitness