If you have a strong enough Why you can do the Do!

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Okay, so we are well into January now.  You are working consistently on your goals and moving ever closer to achieving them… Do you have the same enthusiasm as you did in early January?   That momentum that this is going to be My Year…


If not, this may help. You see we have this drive early in the New Year, a yearning if you like, to get things done.  To make life changing decisions that are going to change us, but old routines and familiar habits creep back in and it falls a little flat, the fizz in the bottle has well lost all its fizz…


If this is you and your self-esteem is running a little low, just list all the reasons why you want to achieve your goals. If you have a big enough ‘Why’ you can do the ‘Do‘. This will give you the momentum to see the goal through if it doesn’t then that is not the goal for you.  Change, work on something else!

I guess I could use the old analogy of weight loss and why you want to lose it, blah, blah, blah.

I am going to try a slightly different thread to get my point across. You need to get fit, strong and stable your goal come mid-March is to scale Ben Nevis! Let’s look at the “Why behind your training to help you reach your successful goal and have you cheering as you reach the top.


  • You want to get to the top of the mountain and make it back down in one piece.


  • You want to feel empowered by the experience, not ripped apart.


  •  To enhance your fitness, strength and stability will give you the psychological edge during this fantastic experience.


  • Confidence to complete the task is a big one!


  • You know that it will be tough but with eight weeks of specific training behind you the experience will be much more life giving.


  • You won’t be so tired that you can’t enjoy the view, believe me that happens, I have seen it on many a trekking expedition.


Listed above are a few reasons as to the reason Why behind training.  So it is all well and good having a list of goals but give that list more substance and create a sub list with the ‘Why‘ behind it and this will give you the ‘Do‘ power ( yes I know willpower) to apply yourself.


Wishing you every success in achieving your goals in 2013.