Good Posture Please…

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Let’s kick this off with the dictionary term for the word posture:


‘A particular position of the body, the characteristic way in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting’.


Take a look at the picture below and you will notice the different types of standing posture. The Thoracic Kyphosis pose looks like the classic teenage boy quoting ‘its so unfair I hate you’ to his parents.





Seriously, there are varying degrees of inadequate posture and simply we should be looking at the picture on the right hand side as being the optimum positioning. You can see how the skeletal frame stacks up in perfect alignment.


How about the perfect seated position? The picture below is a good example of the varying degrees of posture whilst seated. For obvious reasons the ‘poised/relaxed’ pose is the optimal positioning.




Look at how you stand and sit and see if you need to improve either or both positions. Stand, walk and sit tall.


A good exercise routine will take this into account and help improve your posture, harmonising the muscular and skeletal framework to enhance your positioning.


Misalignment means you have a muscle and skeletal imbalance that needs to be readdressed to bring you back into proper alignment.


Be mindful of your posture and make it your goal to improve it!