Fit Exercise Around A Job and Busy Lifestyle!

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So many people in today’s world use ‘Oh I just haven’t got the time’ as a reason for not exercising.  It’s true that it can be hard to fit exercise around your job as well as a busy lifestyle, but mark my words it is far from impossible.
There is a common conception amongst people that exercising will just tire you out, this is obviously true to a certain extent, but in fact regular exercise is proven to make you feel much more refreshed and invigorated throughout the day. Everyday tasks that maybe you sometimes struggle with e.g. walking to work will become much easier after a period of exercise, in turn improving how you feel mentally and physically.
It is clear that regular exercise can have a positive effect on your lifestyle; here are 3 ways to help you incorporate regular exercise into your busy life:
Planning – Always plan when to exercise and what particular exercise you will be doing, for example if you finish work early on a certain afternoon of the week then say ‘Right! That’s when I’m going to exercise’ and make sure you stick to it!
Exercise at home – If you haven’t got time to get to the gym exercising at home can be a great way of getting fit at no cost, also a time saving measure which is obviously a positive. A quick circuit training session, core workout, pilates … or a run (obviously not in the house) can be perfect when you have a free 30 min in the day.
Goals – Setting short term goals such as work out 3 times this week, lose 3 pounds in a fortnight will help increase motivation to exercise even if you feel you haven’t got time.
A small investment in a pair of dumbbells, a new pair of trainers or even a slightly larger investment in an exercise bike or cross trainer will act as a huge motivation to exercise.
Exercising 3-5 times a week could make a busy life become much more manageable and enjoyable. I cannot stress the importance of good planning enough. So have a sit down and work out what free time you have pick when you want to exercise and go out there and do it. Now is a great time to start making positive changes to your life.
Good Luck, it could make a huge difference.