Bad Diet and Great Exercise Results! Who are you kidding…

In Diet, Exerciseby Jeremy Katz

As if you didn’t know already you really can’t achieve outstanding health and fitness results with a bad diet. Can I put a cheap low premium fuel into my car and expect it to perform well? You know the answer. So why do people in general do this very same thing ‘Oh I will eat that and drink some of that, I will burn it off at the gym!’ I won’t bore you with the fallacy in that comment but you really are on a road to nowhere!

Sure it is fine to have a cheat day and in some ways clinically it has been shown to help and enhance fat reduction but don’t get to excited. This day happens when you have been strict for the previous six days!

You need to focus on the result you are after, have a very clear definitive goal. Be prepared to pay the price for achieving your goal. Apply yourself 100% and you surely will move forward to achieving your success!

So pause, reflect on what you are about to eat and drink and decide with this is working towards your goal or moving away from it? Be absolutely honest and then base your decision on your answer!

I wish you every success, sincerely.

Focus, Apply, Achieve…