Holistic Integrated Training System (HITS) is a framework, devised by Andrew K for personal training that incorporates principles from dynamic and static assessments looking at optimising posture, muscle, nerve function and reducing muscle spasm. All of these run through a three phase protocol helping you become strong, stable and working towards your goal.


In this day and age if not from newspapers and magazines or other forms of media we seem to be constantly reminded of proper hydration. In order for our bodies to function at an optimal level we need to be like a flowing river not a sticky pond!

I teach my clients what is exactly meant by optimal hydration and by the use of a simple method I teach my clients what they need to do and how much they need to drink to achieve their proper optimal daily level.


Diet, diet, diet I hear you say- here we go!

I help my clients achieve an optimised form of nutrition by seeing and studying where they are now and then working on metabolically optimising their nutritional intake.

If one diet worked there would only be one diet book in the bookshops and we would all be very happy people. Unfortunately, this is not the case, just as we have an individual fingerprint we all have an individual metabolism regarding what ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats we require in our diet. I use an in-depth screening method to optimise your diet for you, the individual. This technique will help you achieve your ideal weight and wellbeing.


Volumes could be written on posture but I will try and be brief. Optimisation of your postural balance and awareness is of paramount importance if we are to function on a healthy plane.

I use principles and screening to see where you are now with regard to your postural balance and where we need to get you to. This is a very important assessment if we really are going to enhance your wellbeing and have you working well and pain free.

Muscle Function

To create good posture we need correct muscle function. Due to injuries or other orthopaedic concerns this can become disjointed and can cause incorrect posture. An excellent analogy is that of a bicycle wheel, to get a crooked wheel to roll straight you must shorten/tighten the loose spokes and lengthen/loosen the tight ones. This analogy in its most basic form gives a clear understanding of what has to happen to our skeletal and muscular systems to create balance.

I use specific analysis and assessments to see exactly where the individual is now which can determine what needs to be done to optimise my client’s muscle function.


We seem to be going through an influx of information regarding body and lifestyle balance. We are told not to let stress run our lives and to take control. I will teach you principles that will put you in control of your life. No more blindfolded autopilot, I will put you behind the steering wheel of your life, steering your life in the direction you want to go in. Coupled with all the principals above this really is a pivotal and very exciting journey. I have a systematic approach to Holistic living that will heighten your awareness of yourself. It is so spellbinding that people will be asking you the question ‘You are so happy, healthy and in control, what are you doing that is so different?’ Go ahead tell them it is no secret!


I have discovered over recent years that generally people are drowning in knowledge but thirsting for information. In fact, with regard to modern technology we have more information at our finger-tips than ever before but the challenge comes down to what is best for our needs and lifestyle. I can help, I spent a long time studying exactly what we need and when to use it, down to the finest detail. You have to decide whether you are ready for this challenging but very rewarding journey!

The core principles laid out in this document are the basis for my ‘Holistic Integrated Training System’ it is with these proven methods that has for a number of years set me ahead of my fellow professionals.

If you are truly ready to take action and make a change call me for an informal chat, just to see what I can do for you.

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