100 Days To Go!

In Psychologyby Jeremy Katz

So that list you wrote down or the mental notes you made at the beginning of the year! Do you remember the drive and passion you had for those New Year’s resolutions. My question to you is how is it all going have you achieved them or are you making good tracks to the completion of them?
If not you have 100 days until the next New Year, so in essence this is a proverbial jolt to set those rockets of desire and see your goals through. So when you are very clear with what you want to achieve set those rockets of desire and do one thing everyday that will bring you one step closer. Most of us have that fire in our belly’s at the beginning of the Year, it is like a new dawn we are going to achieve so much and then a couple of weeks in, life happens work, family, pressure and time management issues kick in.

It is up to us to make it brilliant, fantastic and get ourselves on track. Through my work I consult with a varied and truly amazing bunch of people who are dynamic and face adversity at every turn but choose not to let it stand in their way! They have made the decision to be truly relentless and will reach their life goals whatever. You see the true key to success is to keep going and not give up at the first turn or obstacle you see.

Dust off that notebook you wrote your intentions in and work dynamically to the completion of them. I believe that if you set the intention of desire to achieve and you are prepared to work you will eventually succeed!

So come on 100 days to go!

Focus! Apply! Achieve!