10 Reasons WHY You May NOT be Losing Weight

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Okay so you have been doing really well, losing weight, exercising, getting in better shape,  then……it all stops, the scales have not shifted for a while…..what can you do?
Have a look through the list to see if any of the following may apply to you:
1.    You blow it on weekends
2.    You have a medical condition
3.    You are not being consistent with your healthy eating and exercise
4.    Impatience! You have not given yourself enough time to see results
5.    You have hit a plateau
6.    You are not exercising enough or you are exercising too much
7.    You are not getting enough sleep – people who work nights suffer on this one!
8.    You are eating too much or you are not eating enough
9.    You are too stressed out
10.  You don’t need to lose weight
Solutions – Change something…
·         Training
·         Nutrition
·         Supplementation
·         Rest and Recovery
·         Try a new activity
·         Hire a Personal Trainer
No pun intended but you have a little food for thought to think about with regard to achieving your health and fitness goals!
Committed to Your Health and Vitality,